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How D3Clarity architected a more connected, more secure, and more accurately monitored global cloud network

Multi-Cloud Network Architecture​

01 Business Challenge

With multiple Cloud providers and on-prem data centers across the globe, a major car rental company struggled with network connectivity, security, monitoring and maintenance.​

It was difficult to maintain current networks and bring new applications online while having to share compute and data resources across various Cloud environments and existing on-prem resources.

02 Approach

Defined a Global Network Architecture across multiple Cloud providers and on-prem data centers.

Established connectivity between a wide range of applications and data sources.

Secured the network with consistent encryption in transit and inbound/outbound security rules.  

Network Segmentation and Isolation of Sandbox, Dev, Pre-Prod, UAT, Prod and PCI zones.

With Aviatrix technology, global Network high availability and visibility was provided with administration, topology and trace routing capabilities.

03 Results

Enabled the global rental car Network team to manage their large, diverse network more efficiently, 

Network team faster resolution of issues.

Eliminated Network outages for critical applications.

Saved costs by reducing time to implement connectivity for new global applications

Reduced risk of network related security incidents