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Vermont Information Processing Case Study

A look at how D3Clarity assists Vermont Information Processing with its networking needs, modern APIs, and cloud-native applications all in a hybrid-cloud environment

VIP is a leading software and analytics platform enabling the Beverage industry. VIP actively collaborates with D3C’s Next Gen Infrastructure and Data Foundations capabilities…

Vermont Information Processing (VIP)

Business Challenge

The vast majority of US distributors rely on the VIP Beverage System for almost every aspect of their business, across devices, platforms and time zones. ​

To improve interaction across suppliers, customers, and partners in the US Beverage industry, VIP took it upon themselves to build a system to proctor industry standards.​

If you think it’s hard to get the data definitions, policies, formats, and other standards right across your entire organization, imagine doing it for an entire industry!


With the assistance of D3C, VIP leveraged xDM to master all the necessary data components and definitions across the beverage industry. Their counterparties can upload files from spreadsheets or use several data formats to quickly share and update records.

D3C created a DevOps process to shorten the project development life cycle via an Agile implementation and provide continuous delivery through the multiple environments.


Master online product catalog for the beverage industry that supports multi-vendor products (soft drink, beer and wine).​

Distributors now have a solution that allows their vendors to place order from their own personal catalog (i.e Bush vendor sees only products available affiliated with Bush and not with Hess Winery)​

Enabled the ability for each distributor to not only present its information/product but do so in a way that’s best for their business.