Jennifer Reed is a highly trusted and well-respected cloud professional. She is also a founding member of D3Clarity [formerly VIQTOR DAVIS US, Inc.]. D3Clarity has been helping enterprise customers with their cloud journey for over 25 years.

In this episode, Jennifer shares her fascinating career journey, starting from being in the U.S. Marin Corp to then working in very diverse technology roles and eventually becoming a trusted cloud networking and security professional assisting many large enterprise customers. Some key points:

  • Why is taking an architectural approach so critical in a rapidly evolving cloud world?
  • Why don’t CSRs work in cloud

Jennifer also talks about D3Clarity’s specialization in working with heavily regulated industries helping customers all the way from cloud migration to a fully secure, compliant and highly available cloud infrastructure.


Advise to Netsec professionals:

Learn at least one cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle) and do ACE trainings to ramp up on cloud networking quickly. 

Key message:

Never let a CSP lock you in. Ask deeper questions on various traffic flows and how to secure connections backed with various regions, cloud and on-prem.

This is Jennifer’s view of how Aviatrix brings flexibility, security, repeatability and visibility as key value adds to enterprise cloud environments. Enjoy!