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Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds provides retirement, insurance, disability, and other retirement benefits for current and former public employees and their beneficiaries.  There are approximately 650,000 participants/members and 1,500 employees that participate with ETF. 


This organization administers retirement, insurance, and other benefit programs for beneficiaries of the Wisconsin Retirement System.  Their mission is “to develop and deliver quality benefits and services to their customers while safeguarding the integrity of the trust.” With such a bold mission statement, this organization recognized a need to improve its services to members and employers.  A modernization program was initiated to centralize member benefit information, increase efficiency and improve data quality to ensure a trustworthy state.


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What we delivered:

A Member master solution was implemented using member and employee demographics and contact information. Data authoring capabilities were enabled for continuous data updates across the enterprise and a user interface was designed to facilitate the stewardship process for managing named data types. Standard operating procedures were defined and implemented for operationalizing the production-ready solution and enforcing governance use by the data warehouse.


How we delivered:

D3Clarity was selected to implement a transformative solution to address the client’s challenges and set the stage for future modernization efforts. Leveraging a Master Data Management (MDM) platform, the approach was rooted in an agile, iterative implementation phased model. This methodology ensured that the solution was not only sustainable and scalable but also capable of long-term support.

Implementation Highlights:

  1. Agile Iterative Approach: To achieve a sustainable, repeatable, scalable, and supportable solution, D3Clarity employed an agile-style, iterative phased approach. This method allowed for adapting to evolving requirements and fine tune the solution as needed.
  2. MDM Implementation: Master Data Management was pivotal in centralizing member benefit data. By creating a single source of truth, MDM not only addressed data quality issues but also set the stage for streamlined processes and more informed decision-making.
  3. Data Quality Rules: MDM was used to enforce data quality rules, ensuring data accuracy and consistency were maintained throughout the system. This not only improved the quality of member benefit information but also enhanced overall data governance.


The initial implementation of MDM successfully laid the foundation for data modernization. Future phases of the project are planned to extend this modernization effort across all systems and integrated data sources. With a clear roadmap in place, the organization is well on its way to achieving a fully optimized data ecosystem, where data is a strategic asset, supporting their mission to provide quality services to their members.



Business Value:

D3Clarity’s agile, MDM-driven approach has only resolved the immediate data challenges our client faced but has also set the stage for a comprehensive data modernization effort. By creating a single source of truth and enforcing data quality rules, D3Clarity empowered the organization to make more informed decisions, enhance their data governance, and pave the way for future scalability and sustainability.

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