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A cloud security risk assessment evaluates the potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with using a cloud-based system. This type of assessment is essential for businesses to conduct in order to ensure that their data is properly protected while stored in a cloud environment.

During a cloud security risk assessment, D3Clarity will test your current security solutions and configurations to see if they can adequately protect against potential threats. This process will help you identify and close any gaps or vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure. 





The challenge

Roughly 57% of companies find it significantly challenging to effectively protect their data across multiple cloud environments while trying to maintain strict regulatory compliances required by their industries. In order to test the effectiveness of whatever cloud security solutions you have in place, D3Clarity can conduct cloud security assessments in the hopes of revealing any gaps or vulnerabilities in your security posture that we can then correct. 

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Our approach

D3Clarity knows the rules and best practices for creating a strong and safe cloud environment. We use a 5-step approach for security evaluations.

  1. Identify all assets
    This includes everything from customer data and financial records to employee credentials and trade secrets.
  2. Classify your data
    Classify it according to its sensitivity, this will help you to determine which assets are most at risk.
  3. Identify your threats
    Identify the potential threats that could target your sensitive data. This includes both external threats like hackers and internal threats like malicious insiders.
  4. Evaluate your risk
    Consider the likelihood of a threat occurring and the impact it could have on your business.
  5. Implement controls
    This includes both technical controls like firewalls and encryption and non-technical controls like employee training and incident response plans.

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