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Per TSIA’s (The Technology & Services Industry Association) The State of Technology Services 2023” article, managed services is one of the top three growth areas within the tech industry as organizations are looking to utilize managed services or Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to streamline their operations and stay competitive.  By outsourcing these functions, they can leverage specialized expertise, reduce IT infrastructure costs, and enjoy scalable, cost-effective solutions that allow them to focus on their core business objectives, driving efficiency and innovation.

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DMaaS support


Challenges of DIY Manage Services

Data management solutions are often intricate, require data analysis and skills beyond standard IT systems, and can stretch a standard deployment infrastructure, especially if it is in the cloud.  Challenges include:

  1. Data Security and Privacy: Storing sensitive data in the cloud raises concerns about security, access, and privacy. To implement a data solution on the cloud, organizations must ensure that their cloud environment has robust security measures in place, including data encryption and access controls.
  2. Compliance and Regulations: Depending on the industry, organizations may be subject to various regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, HIPAA, or SOC 2. Ensuring compliance with these regulations when implementing a cloud solution can be challenging.
  3. Cost Management: Implementing your cloud solution requires careful monitoring, as cloud provider subscriptions can exceed planned limits.
  4. Performance and Reliability: Organizations need to manage the availability and performance of their cloud environment. Downtime or slow performance can disrupt operations and impact productivity.
  5. Scalability: Organizations need to plan for growth and ensure that their cloud environment can accommodate increased user numbers and data volumes.
  6. Performance Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of application performance on the cloud is necessary to identify and address issues promptly.
  7. Backup and Disaster Recovery: Organizations need to have backup and disaster recovery plans in place to ensure data integrity and availability in case of unforeseen events.

Successful implementation of a data application within the cloud involves careful planning, resources with both data application and cloud infrastructure management skillsets, and ongoing management.


Turnkey DMaaS

Our Data Management as a Service offering is a turnkey hosted service for organizations that desire production-class, cloud-based infrastructure to develop, test, and deploy Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Governance solutions. D3Clarity’s Data Management as a Service is a single solution for managing your data and infrastructure utilizing world-class critical data service management and support. Organizations get the benefits of SaaS with your choice of data management software vendor and tools. Backed by modern cloud-native architecture, integrated with proven capabilities, and managed with maximum security, our Data Management as a Service includes:

  • Provision and configuration of hardware needed to meet your requirements
  • Installation of data technology
  • Infrastructure DevOps automation
  • 24/7/365 monitoring to detect and address issues promptly and proactively
  • Scalable and on-demand services to accommodate the evolving needs of your organization and can easily adapt to changes in data volumes, business processes, and technology
  • Data is isolated & encrypted in transit & at rest, with access limited to your designated users & endpoints
  • A responsive support team to troubleshoot and resolve any service-related problem

In an era where data is a strategic asset, investing in Master Data Management is crucial for achieving data-driven success. With our Data Management as a Service, you can confidently embark on your MDM journey, knowing you have a trusted partner to guide you from inception to maintenance.

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