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D3Clarity can both deploy Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) for your business and educate your team on best practices for implementing IaC – the practice of managing and provisioning IT infrastructure through code. This code can be used to automate the provisioning of servers, networks, storage, and other infrastructure components.

IaC benefits your business with a faster time to market, improved consistency, reduced costs, and improved security. D3Clarity is fluent in numerous IaC tools, including Terraform and Ansible. 


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Infrastructure-as-Code Automation

Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) automation creates a few business challenges, including:

  • Adoption discrepancies. It can be challenging to get all teams in an organization to adopt IaC, and even within teams, there may be resistance from some individuals. This can lead to a patchwork of manual and automated processes, making managing and maintaining the infrastructure difficult.
  • Security assessment tools. IaC tools can make it easier for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities in an organization’s infrastructure. It is crucial to have tools and processes in place to assess the security of IaC code before it is deployed.
  • Requirement of new human capital. IaC requires new skills and knowledge from IT staff. Organizations may need to invest in training and development programs to ensure their staff have the skills to use IaC effectively.
  • Versioning and traceability. Tracking changes to IaC code and ensuring it is always in a known, good state is essential. This can be challenging, especially in large and complex environments.
  • Risk of error duplication. If IaC code is not carefully reviewed and tested, errors can be easily duplicated across multiple environments. This can lead to outages and other problems.

Infrastructure-as-Code Automation

Here are some tips for overcoming the business challenges of IaC automation:

  • Start small and scale up.Don’t try to automate everything at once. Start by automating a small subset of your infrastructure, such as a development environment. Once you have experience with IaC, you can gradually expand its use to other areas.
  • Get buy-in from all stakeholders. Getting buy-in from all stakeholders, including IT staff, security teams, and business leaders, is crucial. Explain the benefits of IaC and how it will help the organization achieve its goals.
  • Invest in training and development. Provide your staff with the training and development they need to use IaC effectively. This may include training on specific IaC tools and general IaC concepts and best practices.
  • Implement security best practices.Make sure to implement security best practices for your IaC code. This includes using secure coding practices, reviewing code before deployment, and regularly scanning for vulnerabilities.
  • Use a version control system. Use a version control system to track changes to your IaC code. This will make it easier to roll back changes if necessary and to ensure that your code is always in a known good state.
  • Test your code thoroughly. Before deploying any IaC code, test it thoroughly in a sandbox environment. This will help identify and fix errors before they impact your production environment.

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