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As your customer-base grows, you may notice that your website functionality may slow and perhaps you are becoming more susceptible to attacks. If you haven’t grown your infrastructure along with your business, a Content Distribution Network (CDN) may be your solution. A CDN is a network of servers distributed worldwide for efficient and fast delivery of content to end users, acting like a repeater from what was your main on-prem server. Ensuring you build the right networking solution for your CDN is not as simple as setting up a simple repeater all around the globe though, especially when you migrate your work to the cloud.

D3Clarity has extensive experience helping clients establish fast and secure CDNs for their infrastructure. When done correctly, you will notice improved latency and website load time, improved availability and redundancy, DDOS mitigation, and fast video streaming.



The Bad and The Ugly in Content Distribution Networks

Content delivery networks (CDNs) are a critical part of the modern internet, helping to deliver content quickly and reliably to users around the world. However, even CDNs can go wrong from time-to-time with some of these most common issues we see arise:

  • Outages: CDNs can experience outages, just like any other network. These outages can be caused by a variety of factors, such as hardware failures, software bugs, or cyberattacks.
  • Performance degradation: CDNs can experience performance degradation, which can lead to slower loading times and other problems for users. This can be caused by factors such as high traffic, network congestion, or problems with the CDN’s infrastructure.
  • Security vulnerabilities: CDNs can be targeted by cyberattacks, just like any other network. These attacks can lead to data breaches, malware infections, or other security problems.
  • Configuration errors: CDNs can be misconfigured, which can lead to a variety of problems, such as outages, performance degradation, or security vulnerabilities.
  • Pricing changes: CDN providers can change their pricing at any time, which can lead to unexpected costs for users.
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Content Distribution Networks: The Good

Content Distribution Networks are essential in establishing a multimedia rich, engaging, timely, and enjoyable user experience for those that visit your website. Building them well ensure the success and improved customer journey on your website. D3Clarity has worked on some wickedly complex CDN projects that were delivered successfully. We can help your business to also choose a reliable CDN provider depending on your needs, we can help you set up monitoring for your CDN usage to identify and potential problems early on, and we can even help you set up your CDN management platform, simplifying the process for you and all your managers.

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