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Web application security, or web application firewall (WAF), protects your web applications from being attacked. Many times, businesses think their apps are secure. Still, they are not due to challenges associated with web application security in cloud computing, causing hacks, downtime, and sometimes data loss.



The Challenges

Web Application Security can be challenging to implement because of a variety of factors, a few being:

  • Complexity: Cloud environments are often fluid and multilayered, making them difficult to secure.
  • Visibility: It can be challenging to get visibility into all web applications running in a cloud environment since they are not continuously tracked and architected by a single person or team.
  • Skills shortage: IT professionals with skills in cloud and security are in short supply.
  • Compliance: Organizations must comply with various regulations related to web application security, the industry they are in, the country or supranational governance that oversees the industry, and then unique company security policies. All of this makes it challenging to comply fully.

Choose an Expert

You can overcome the challenges of web application security in cloud computing by choosing a security expert like D3Clarity to help you establish best practices learned through our years of training and experience. With D3Clarity, we will help you:

  • Adopt a security-first approach: This means embedding security into all aspects of the cloud environment, from development and deployment to operations and monitoring. 
  • Use a cloud security posture management (CSPM) solution: A CSPM solution can help organizations identify and mitigate security risks in their cloud environment.
  • Use a web application firewall (WAF): A WAF can help to protect web applications from common attacks, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting. 
  • Implement a zero-trust security model: A zero-trust security model assumes no user or device can be trusted by default. This approach can help to protect web applications from unauthorized access. 
  • Invest in training and development: Organizations should invest in training and development for their staff on web application security best practices. 

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