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Conducting a cloud readiness assessment is critical in preparing your entire business for a successful migration to the cloud. Involving multiple stakeholders representing various key departments of your organization, from finance to operations to IT, D3Clarity acts as the facilitator and walks you through the process to ensure your organization’s leaders achieve consensus and walk away from the workshop with a common view of where your organization is and where you want to go. With everyone on the same page, we then build the map for how to get there best. This workshop can be done in a single day or spread out into two, and we will provide you with documentation at the end of the workshop. It is ideally done in person, but given the global nature of business today, D3Clarity also has experience conducting the cloud readiness assessment remotely. 



Are You Really Ready to Start Your Migration?

Conducting a cloud readiness assessment independently is incredibly difficult, even if you already have some experience. Most businesses have difficulty assessing themselves dispassionately at the start of their cloud journeys. This hinders their ability to identify the desired business outcomes and develop the business case for migration. Sometimes, you need a trusted third party to objectively assess your existing resources and build a right-sized and optimized cost projection for running applications in the cloud. 

Cloud Infrastructure Deployment

Cloud Readiness Assessment

D3Clarity will professionally ask all the right questions, including the hard ones, to ensure that all business units and aspects of the work that will be migrated to the cloud are considered. We then share the results with you and your team and provide a list of recommended actions forming the base of the plan for following best practices if and when you decide to migrate. 

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