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Vermont Information Processing (VIP) is the leading technology supplier for brewers, distributors, wineries, soda bottlers, and other companies in the beverage industry. From helping distributors improve their warehouse, delivery, and sales operations to empowering suppliers to know where their products are and how they’re selling, VIP has the technology and expertise to help these businesses thrive.


The vast majority of US distributors rely on the VIP beverage system for almost every aspect of their business across devices, platforms, and time zones. To improve interaction across suppliers, customers, and partners in the US beverage industry, VIP took it upon themselves to build a system to proctor industry standards.

If you think it’s hard to get the data definitions, policies, formats, and other standards right across your entire organization, imagine doing it for an entire industry!


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What we delivered:

An industry-standard item catalog built on collaborative data management strategies enables each distributor to not only present their product information but do so in a way that’s best for their business.  With the deployment of VIP’s Item Catalog, distributors now have a solution allowing their vendors to place orders from their own personal catalog (i.e., Bush vendor sees only products affiliated with Bush and not with Hess Winery).

With D3Clarity’s assistance, VIP was able to quickly migrate to the cloud without having pre-requisite cloud skills.

How we delivered:

Leveraging D3Clarity’s implementation expertise, VIP harnessed the power of Semarchy’s Master Data Management (MDM) platform to master essential data components and definitions within the beverage industry, creating a comprehensive beverage item catalog. The requirements necessitated the design of a flexible data model, affording VIP the agility to seamlessly integrate internal data components with external sources, thereby enriching the catalog’s depth and accuracy.

With the newly established item catalog, VIP’s network of beverage counterparties gained the ability to effortlessly upload files or utilize pre-built templates for swift sharing and updating of records.  Notably, the standardization of product information, including logo and label imaging, provides each distributor precise control over the presentation of their information and product in a manner that best suits their unique business requirements.

Recognizing the need for agile development and continuous delivery, D3Clarity orchestrated a streamlined DevOps process.  This approach truncated the project development lifecycle and facilitated seamless delivery across multiple environments, ensuring rapid iteration and refinement.

VIP’s initiative of designing an industry-standard item catalog also meant embracing the scalability and resilience offered by cloud computing.  As AWS expertise was not widely available internally, VIP asked D3Clarity to fulfill the role of their trusted cloud advisor.  D3Clarity’s specialty consulting focus on data engineering and next-generation infrastructure solutions were just the experts they needed to help them succeed with the complete program of MDM on the cloud.

Designing and configuring a secure cloud infrastructure on AWS, D3Clarity orchestrated a seamless deployment environment for the MDM solutions, complemented by a robust managed network service to safeguard access and security. A low-cost operations approach was applied with consistent deployment processes and automatic infrastructure provisioning.

D3Clarity’s ongoing support extends to advising and augmenting the VIP team on AWS systems design best practices and troubleshooting support related to any area of VIP’s AWS infrastructure and the MDM Item Catalog solution.



Business Value:

D3Clarity’s collaboration with Semarchy empowered VIP to meticulously define data definitions, policies, and other industry standards germane to the U.S. beverage sector, underpinning an industry standard item catalog’s innovation, integrity, and reliability.

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