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Operating in over 60 countries, this company is one of the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas companies. This integrated company discovers, explores for, develops, and produces crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids.


Many companies face the never-ending challenge of monitoring and improving critical cybersecurity infrastructure with network connections. For the oil and gas industry, the challenges are heightened in that companies must allow external connections into their network to process their product (e.g., monitoring oil rig platforms). Data must be tracked to create, certify, recertify, and retire connections globally.

This case study is about a company with whom the current process had business users utilizing front-end forms for data submission, allowing duplicate and inaccurate data to be entered. The forms were also limited in the data collection of a network connection, resulting in inaccuracies or incomplete certifications of a network connection. IT had to manually reconcile spreadsheets weekly to account for the poor data quality. For compliance and internal efficiency reasons, this company desired a system that could track the certification, recertification, and retirement of all external network connections, store metadata information such as firewall access points, and attach vital documentation via an automated process.


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What we delivered:

D3Clarity’s objective was to migrate all external and internal network connection data, workflows, and front-end user forms to a strategic data management system.

An approach was taken to implement a master data management (MDM) solution. D3Clarity mapped a complex multi-step manual certification process involving five unique business unit teams into a data model consisting of master and reference data to capture all relevant data points concerning a connection. Data validation was added to ensure data integrity and compliance with regulations. The system enabled the external network connection task force team to store additional data elements, including the controls catalog.

Integrating the corporate notification and approval system allows a fully automated system to contribute to the corporation’s auditing protocols. Data transparency was increased for data stewardship through self-tracking, follow-up email notifications, and process automation.

All users are now mandated to facilitate all external network connection requests (e.g., new connection requests, update business contact requests, retire connection requests, and recertification requests) through the new MDM solution.

How we delivered:

In summary, the external network solution has brought significant benefits to this organization, addressing their need for compliance and internal efficiency in managing external network connections:

  1. Modernized Data Management Process: Our solution has modernized the customer’s data management process, ensuring compliance and enhancing internal efficiency in managing external network connections.
  2. Enterprise-Level Data Storage Solution: We successfully developed and implemented an enterprise-level data storage solution tailored to the customer’s needs. This solution allows for the efficient storage and management of external network connection data acquired through an automated certification process.
  3. Streamlined Workflow Processes: Our solution includes streamlined workflow processes for the entire external network connection lifecycle, featuring front-end data entry forms, automated notices for initiation, modification, and retirement of connections, and security access for data stewardship and maintenance.
  4. Cost Avoidance Benefit: Implementing our solution has resulted in a significant cost avoidance benefit of $3.6 million per year, which would otherwise have been incurred if the external network task force team had to continue manual remediation of external network connection certifications.
  5. Single Trusted Repository: The customer now benefits from having a single trusted repository of every external network certification request, improving data accuracy, accessibility, and overall management efficiency.
  6. Full Visibility and Reporting: Our solution enables the organization to achieve complete visibility into the external network connection data flow lifecycle, facilitating quick identification and reporting on the certification process status.
  7. Connection Status Tracking: The business now has the capability to track the status of each connection from request to retirement, along with clear ownership of each step in the connection process, enhancing accountability and oversight.



Business Value:

The solution delivered by D3Clarity met the customer’s immediate needs and provided a robust framework for continued efficiency, compliance, and data management excellence in managing external network connections.

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