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The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) is a voluntary, nonprofit, nonpartisan, statewide educational association established in 1949 to serve local Texas school boards — the largest group of publicly elected officials in the state with more than 7,000 school board trustees.


As a service provider to school districts in the state of Texas, this organization offers products and services ranging from books and school supplies to facility services such as energy, construction, and environmental guidance. If a school district purchases through this organization, it benefits from its centralized procurement process, qualified contractors, and additional discounts.

As an educational provider, spending trends are a critical component of their business (i.e., much like a retailer). In Texas, school districts improve by community bonds, which is the equivalent of a tax. A passed bond/tax means that a district has money to spend. It would be beneficial to know about significant bond and spending decisions made by the school districts as early as possible. This would allow the organization to offer relevant and timely services to maximize the value of that expenditure and further promote educational excellence in the state of Texas.

School board meeting minutes are valuable data sources that indicate a school district’s need for products and services. However, as unstructured data of varying quality and consistency across school boards, the minutes are time-consuming to collect and review.


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What we delivered:

Using natural language processing (NLP) techniques and Tibco products, D3Clarity helped this educational provider obtain insights into their financial landscape, enabling a deeper understanding of available funds and expenditure requirements for their end customers, such as school districts. By automating the analysis of board meeting minutes, D3Clarity successfully identified bond proposals and approvals, as well as impending expenditure projects, streamlining decision-making processes regarding service improvements tailored to the specific needs of school districts. This comprehensive approach empowered the educational service provider to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance service delivery to better meet the requirements of their stakeholders.

How we delivered:

D3Clarity conducted a feasibility assessment to prove that measurable, valuable insights could be established by systematically collecting, processing, and analyzing a subset of the publicly available board meeting minutes. D3Clarity’s design approach for implementing a spending insight solution for this educational service provider focused on leveraging bonds as key indicators extracted from school district minutes using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and fuzzy logic techniques. By integrating data from various sources, including the Comptroller’s Office, Texas Education Authority, and school district websites, managed through the EBX platform, D3Clarity created a comprehensive database enriched with reference data such as district location, size, and enrollment numbers. Two thousand two hundred thirty-seven board meeting minutes were scraped and digitized across 274 districts. Utilizing OCR for text extraction and NLP for semantic analysis, meeting minute texts were analyzed to identify relevant bond data and classify it into the five legal stages of the bond issuance process, enhancing the information depth within meeting minutes.

Through data virtualization techniques, D3Clarity seamlessly integrated disparate data sources and implemented Tibco’s Spotfire for visualizing data based on temporal dimensions, allowing insights into meeting occurrences and associated district details. Geographical features were leveraged to map bond stages, providing users with interactive capabilities to explore raw text within Spotfire. Future enhancements may include direct links to original PDFs for deeper contextual understanding.



Business Value:

D3Clarity showcased its expertise in data analytics by implementing robust solutions for MDM, empowering the organization with actionable insights and streamlined data governance. With a deep-rooted commitment to data excellence, D3Clarity demonstrated its ability to drive value through data-driven strategies and methodologies, reinforcing its position as a trusted partner in the realm of analytics.

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