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A global energy corporation with a longstanding presence in the oil and gas industry, renowned for its extensive exploration, production, refining, and distribution operations worldwide. They are recognized for their innovative approaches to energy solutions and their commitment to sustainability and technological advancement.


In the fast-paced world of the oil and gas industry, our client, a large multinational company, encountered significant challenges in managing vendor onboarding efficiently and compliantly. Their legacy Vendor Request system had become outdated, failing to align with the corporate policies for new vendor onboarding. Compounding the issue, most interactions between the company and vendors occurred through disjointed email exchanges, resulting in inefficiencies and increased risk of errors. Recognizing the pressing need to modernize, streamline, and govern the complex process of onboarding new vendors on a global scale, our client sought a solution capable of accommodating the diverse legal, cultural, and language requirements across the 120+ countries in which they operate. Thus, the imperative arose to implement a comprehensive system that could harmonize vendor onboarding processes while ensuring compliance with country-specific regulations and standards.


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What we delivered:

In partnership with a leading oil and gas company, D3Clarity embarked on a transformative journey to overhaul their vendor onboarding process. Leveraging Tibco’s EBX platform, we architected a robust solution designed to streamline and modernize every facet of vendor management. Central to our approach was developing a comprehensive data model meticulously crafted to encompass all aspects of vendor creation. This model was the foundation for a new Vendor Request Form, offering complete customization with built-in validations, default data options, and filtering capabilities. Notably, the form allowed seamless attachment uploads and comment tracking, ensuring all pertinent information was captured efficiently.

Furthermore, we implemented automated workflows tailored to the unique needs of the oil and gas industry. These workflows dynamically routed users based on key factors such as country, critical fields, and tax considerations, facilitating swift decision-making and approval processes. By harnessing automation, requests were seamlessly directed to the appropriate stakeholders at the right junctures, eliminating bottlenecks and accelerating onboarding timelines.

A key focus of our redesign was simplifying the onboarding process to minimize duplicate entries and enhance user experience. To this end, we empowered vendors to input data directly, circumventing the need for cumbersome email exchanges and mitigating potential delays. This streamlined approach enhanced operational efficiency and fostered stronger vendor relationships by expediting the onboarding process.

How we delivered:

By transitioning away from the legacy system, D3Clarity, in collaboration with our customer, not only enhanced the aesthetics of the platform but also implemented a suite of customizations aimed at elevating data quality. Our solution introduced comprehensive data validation mechanisms, ensuring that all incoming data fields underwent rigorous scrutiny. Any entries failing contextual validation were automatically flagged, preventing erroneous data from being committed within the Vendor Request system.

Furthermore, our engagement empowered the customer with an agile and responsive organization capable of swiftly adapting to process and policy changes. The solution facilitated a deeper understanding of the challenges inherent in the vendor management system, enabling the organization to respond promptly and effectively to emerging needs and requirements. By fostering a culture of adaptability and responsiveness, this customer is now equipped with the tools and capabilities to navigate the ever-changing vendor management lifecycle confidently.



Business Value:

D3Clarity’s partnership delivered a vendor management solution with improved data quality, enhanced responsiveness, and heightened agility. By modernizing their processes and infrastructure, this organization is now better positioned to drive efficiency, compliance, and innovation across their vendor management ecosystem.

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